Development and Research Projects

Below is a list of past and ongoing projects we have lead or supported with development, visualization, and research services.

TransitCenter Equity Dashboard

Web Development, Visualization, Research Consulting

The TransitCenter Equity Dashboard (TED) tracks how well public transit systems in seven US regions serve their riders, and how changes to transit service affect riders over time. TED measures access to opportunity on transit, transit service intensity and transit affordability for people of color, people living in poverty, essential workers, and other people who rely on transit to meet their daily needs. TED also shows metrics of transit travel times to key destinations on transit compare to travel times by car.

We are continuing work with TransitCenter to bring additional improvements and data sources to the dashboard.

City of Toronto Equity Evaluation Tool

Web Development, Research Consulting

A web-based spatial analysis tool developed for the City of Toronto that automatically evaluates uploaded spatial data files to quantify the local area impacts of transportation projects in Toronto, specifically with regard to the distribution of the local area population across various sociodemographic groups. The tool is intended for internal use by the City of Toronto to support budget prioritization initatives.

Distributive Equity Evaluations of Transport Futures

Developer, Research Consulting

A reference guide and a series of Python notebooks to conduct quantitative analyses that can be used to understand the distributive equity impacts of public transit or other transportation infrastructure scenarios or projects. The foundational work contained within this notebook and the accompanying analysis code was developed by Drs. Jeff Allen and Steven Farber at the University of Toronto in 2021, but has been updated for new datasets and for use with Python.


Package Contributor

R5py is a Python library for rapid realistic routing on multimodal transport networks (walk, bike, public transport and car). It provides a simple and friendly interface to R5, the Rapid Realistic Routing on Real-world and Reimagined networks, the routing engine developed by Conveyal. R5py is inspired by r5r, a wrapper for R, and the library is designed to interact with GeoPandas GeoDataFrames.