Willem Klumpenhouwer

President and Founder

Willem is a public transit and rail research consultant with 9+ years of professional and academic experience in data-driven analyses and modelling of urban transportation systems.

Willem has a unique ability to bridge the gap between complex analysis, emerging reserach, and practical application and implementation. On the theoretical side, Willem holds a Bachelor's degree in Theoretical Physics from the Univeristy of Guelph and a PhD in Tranportation Engineering from the University of Calgary. He has publised in top transportation engineering and geography journals and held numerous research awards, including from Canada's National Science and Engineering Research Council.

On the applied side, Willem has worked as a rail traffic controller at Canadian Pacific Railway and a policy advisor at the Ministry of Transportation Ontario. He has helped develop data analytics and communication products and supported the development of funding agreements for major transit projects. Willem also builds and implements web and desktop applications to support data analysis and communication. Most notably, he is the designer of the TransitCenter Equity Dashboard, a custom-built visualization application for transportation access and equity in major U.S. urban areas. He has worked with transit agencies such as Metrolinx and Calgary Transit to develop applied methods of analyzing railway delay data and leveraging social media for insights on emerging incidents and service evaluation.

Willem also has a knack for communicating complex ideas in a clear and concise way. He has designed and taught courses in public transit operations, planning, and data analytics at the University of Toronto and lectured at the University of Calgary and Toronto Metropolitan University, receiving consistently positive student feedback. He has written for CBC, the Globe and Mail, and the Calgary Herald.

You can learn more about Willem's work history and experience by visiting his LinkedIn page.