Better transit with evidence

That's what we're all about.

We specialize in using logic-and-data-driven analysis and storytelling to understand how a transit system performs and how customers use it. Understanding your data is fundamental to a successful modern transit system; at Klumpentown, we help you move from data collection to data storytelling.

Klumpentown is the professional website of Willem Klumpenhouwer, a transportation planner, data analyst, software creator, urban transportation advocate, and improvisor. My goal is to make cities better by fostering logic-and-data driven conversations and decision-making on transportation projects that move cities such as transit, cycling, and walking.

I draw on my PhD in Transportation Engineering, my B.Sc.(H) in Theoretical Physics, and my public speaking and communication experience to help tell stories powered by intuitive data analysis and visualization on transportation issues that affect your city and the solutions that will make it a better place to live. Using a bag of tools in visualization, web development, mapping, modelling, writing, radio appearances, facilitating meetings and discussions, or technical presentations, clarity backed up by facts and data is the core of the work I produce.

It can be difficult for governments, transit operators, and advocates to find the capacity and ability to effectively evaluate and speak about transportation projets, proposals, and issues. If you are looking for strategic analytical support on a progressive transportation project in your city,expert advice, analysis, and opinion on proposals, or to learn the fundamentals of what moves people in cities, please get in touch to learn more about how I can help.