I offer a wide range of services with a common goal: To combine data analytics, research, and analysis with practical, defensible policy. I aim to provide you with the tools, know-how, and technical problem solving skills, while also making complex and nuanced topics into an approachable to any audience.

Below is a brief outline and description of some of the services I provide. Get in touch to find out more about how I can help you out.

Strategic Research and Data Management

It can be frustrating to spend time, money, and resources on solving the wrong problem, and it can be equally frustrating when you find yourself solving the same problems over and over again. Strategic transit research direction can help you focus in on what the problem is, while data management practices can be crucial to extending that research to new areas. I can help you focus your effort in the right direction and make connections with other problems and phenomena you may not have realized were there. Examples include:

  • Research advice and direction
  • Strategic reserach planning and organization
  • Data management strategies and data auditing

Communication and Training

Communication of complex topics and meaningful public engagement is a constant challenge. Public feedback is best when the public is able to provide insight through an informed and reasoned process. This requires clear communication of ideas and data, whether speaking at events, making radio appearances, or facilitating workshops. Equipping staff with tools and expertise in transit planning and data analysis can also go a long way to solidifying recommendations with innovative data analysis and evidence-based support. I can provide both technical training and community outreach services. Examples include:

  • Radio and media appearances
  • Workshop facilitation on transit projects
  • Training in technical data analysis using Python
  • Introductions to analytical transit planning

Making Sense of your Data

Many transit agencies and other organizations have begun to collect and store a vast pool of data on their services, including AVL/GPS location data, passenger count data from automated passenger counters (APC) or smart card/electronic fare data, and GIS data. This information has huge potential to supplment planning and tactical operational work. I can help you make sense of your data with:

  • Data formatting, scrubbing, and validation
  • Custom database design and implementation
  • Custom built applications for data access and management
  • Dashboarding and on-the-fly reporting, including interactive visualizations and mapping
  • Statistical analysis and machine learning
  • Decision-making tools based on real-time predictive analysis

Reliability Modelling

I specialize in mathematical modelling of routes under random conditions such as mixed traffic, variable passenger counts, and weather. I can help you understand, pinpoint, and manage reliability in your system with:

  • Modelling of transit reliability using sound mathematical principles
  • Scenario testing of tactical adjustments and long-term reliability countermeasures
  • Real-time decision support using historical data
  • Optimization of route and network-specific attributes and schedule construction
Get in touch to find out more about how I can help.